Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Speed testing Tool - NetPerSec

Lot of Throughput (Speed) testing tools are available on Internet. NetPerSec is such a Free to try Throughput (Speed) testing tool that available on Web.

How we can check Throughput (Speed) of particular network using NetPerSec?

Click on the NetPerSec Icon.

One window will be opened as shown below.

It will give Current , Average ,Max throughput and Data Volume of Upload and Download for that particular network.

we can select the Units of Display as well. either bits per second (bps) or Bytes per second (Bps) on the same way we can select the graphs type as well (either Bar graph or Line graph)

Other options also available in this tool like Sampling Rate and Averaging Window etc. Shown as below

We can change the Display options as well. Graph and Icon Colors can change using this Display window options. (Snap shot given below)

Now you can check your Upload and Download Throughput and Volume with this tool.

Try it and measure your Network Quality.... 

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