Friday, September 7, 2012

Some common errors and its Troubleshooting methods

Hi Friends, here I would like to discuss some common errors that we get during the usage of Wireless modems.

Some of them are 

1) Error 635 Unknown error 

Its an Unknown error.Normally it will occurs when there is any hardware (Modem) issue or computer port issue or hardware detection issues.
Basic Troubleshoot mechanism is to restart your computer. Its to make sure that all recent configuration changes have taken effect.

2) Error 645 Internal authentication error 

It means there is an internal authentication error occurred.

For this error also we can restart the computer to make sure that all recent configuration changes have taken effect.

these are normally occurs due to the non proper detection of the modem.

3) Error 680 There is no dial tone 

Usually we get this error when there is a modem related issue.

For resolving this issue we need to remove the datacard and reinsert it.
After that check in dial er software window for the dialing number or phone number
for example Reliance Net connect (India) its #777

If the dialer number is correct then restart PC/Laptop and try to connect again.

If all above fails, uninstall and re-install driver software for that particular modem. 

4) Error  691 Access denied because username and/or password is invalid on the domain 

This is due to wrong user credentials.
For overcome this problem reenter or correct the User credential for the particular Modem.

5) Error 692 Hardware failure in port or attached device

Check device is connected properly or not. It can be due to the computer port issues. As a primary troubleshooting method we can restart the system and try again. Again the issue occur then need to check for the computer port.

Example for an Modem connecting software. Here I shown the snapshot for ZTE 1XCDMA & EVDO Modem.

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