Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Safety Warnings and Precautions for using the Wireless Modem / Data card

Here I would like to discuss some basic thing need to be considered during the use of Wireless Terminal..

1) Try to Use the genuine / original or authorized manufactures product accessories. Unauthorized or fake accessories will damage the Wireless Terminal. Performance of the Wireless terminal can be degraded by using such device.

So always use genuine / original accessories.

2) Most of the Wireless terminals / Data Cards comes with external antenna. don't reassemble,modify,frequent pull/plug, stretch, rotate or bend the antenna with force. It can be damage the antenna port or antenna itself. It will seriously affect the performance of the wireless terminal.

3) Don't plug/pull the data terminal to avoid damage of the Modem/Connector.

4) Use Windows safely removing the hardware for pulling out the data terminal. Make sure to exit the application as well. Avoid direct pull out of the terminal to reduce the chance of damage/abnormal operation of the Operating System.

5) Avoid to use the data terminal near weak signal or high precision electronic devices. Radio wave interference can cause abnormal operation of electronic devices.

6) Avoid to Use the wireless terminal in places where its forbidden to use it. It can affect the normal operation of the electronic device. Eg : Airplane.

7) Avoid to Use Wireless data card in Hospitals as well.It can affect the normal operation of the electronic device.

8) Don't use wireless terminal near flammable or explosive materials, otherwise it may cause failure or fire.

9) Keep the terminal away from water.It may damage the terminal.

10) Don't use data terminal near high temperature , damp or dusty place.

11) Keep away from children to avoid shock, plunge or impact. it may cause injury.

                         Keep in mind these points for experiencing the best performance of your wireless terminal.

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